Reduce your carbon footprint

The acrylonitrile from AnQore already has a very interesting and low carbon footprint. If our customers, like the for example producers of ABS, Acrylamide, Nitrile Rubber, Carbon Fiber, and Amines switch to Econitrile it is possible to reduce substantially the overall footprint of their products. According to the LCA analysis that AnQore has done together with the University of Maastricht, based on ISO standards, Econitrile has a footprint that is 60% lower in kg CO2 per kg of Econitrile produced when compared to our regular acrylonitrile. 

Show your leadership in Sustainability

AnQore is the first company in the world to produce and sell Econitrile. This now offers our downstream customers the opportunity to be the first in their industries to produce their products in line with ISCC PLUS guidelines. For uses in Acrylamide and Carbon Fiber, where the contents of acrylonitrile is high, the sustainabiity effects of Econitrile are obvious. For other aplications also other sustainable raw materials need to be available. Especially in applications such as ABS, where Styrene can already be sourced from circular sources, adding acrylonitrile in the form of Econitrile to the process will help a great deal to allow our customers to distinguish themselves from international competition.

Help your customers with their circular products

By certifying the production process according to the ISCC PLUS guidelines and sourcing Econitrile to produce the downstream products it is possible to help customers further down the value chain to also produce their products in that way. Without the upstream support from our propylene and ammonia suppliers AnQore would not have been able to produce Econitrile.

The same is true for those further down the chain. By choosing Econitrile above acrylonitrile as raw material one more step is made towards a fully certified, more sustainable value chain that otherwise would not be possible.

Future proof your business

It took AnQore more than a year to go from idea to certification and launch. Due to this investment we are now ready to scale up and lead the way into an era where sustainability, circularity and responsibility are bound to play a much larger role than in the recent past.

By starting to use Econitrile and go through the process of ISCC PLUS certification organizations will get the same valuable learnings to future proof their business, ERP systems, purchasing and sales organizations.

Distinguish yourself from the competition

It leaves little to the imagination that by teaming up with AnQore, the only source of Econitrile today, it is possible to keep ahead of the competition. Competing on price or service level is nothing new to our industries, but to have the ability to help the downstream producers to offer circular or more sustainable solutions to their customers certainly is. Get in touch with our team to explore in which ways we can help your customers.

Get ready, get certified!

Take the first step and get ISCC PLUS certified

AnQore and our suppliers have gone through the process of ISCC PLUS certification. This process is relatively straightforward, but it requires a good preparation and multiple departments in the organization that are ready to support the implementation of the required mass balance accounting system.

If after visiting the ISCC PLUS website you would like to know more on what it means to go through the certification process than feel free to get in touch with us.

Read more about the certification process


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